A Dark Night 12 AM Suspense Story by Aksharalipi

A Dark Night

A Dark Night
A Dark Night

The time was ten o’clock at night, and it began to rain thinly. A girl waiting for a bus at the bus stand. She looks at her watch crooked from time to time.


It was as if someone was watching and meanwhile a man came into the bus stop. She saw him once as a kite and turned back and looked at the curve of the road. He looked a little stained.


He pulled the kerchief out of his pocket, wiped his head and looked at her. She was wearing a sari black blouse with white flowers scattered over it. Height and fat are all in good measure.


Hair is like a small pony tail and put a small jasmine in it. Four glasses for one hand they are also blue color fingers are also blue color for it His eyes went down. The legs, which were nice and strong, looked like black colored hill straps.


To the white leg, the straps look beautiful. When he looked back at her face she turned her face to the side hesitantly as she looked at him. The rain was heavy.


The showers hit the bus stop and they both went to the corner to escape the rain. The showers, however, almost wiped out both.


He pocketed as he relaxed with no indication that the bus was coming He pulled out a cigarette and lit it. For the warm cow, she was clearly visible to him in that smoky light.


Her hand movements said as if she was shaking with cold, and in that single minute he felt sad.

A Dark Night


He thought of giving his shirt to her but there was no banyan inside. He has nothing more to do. He sees her beauty in that light of smoking a cigarette.


Her sari was wet from the rain and stuck to her body. The heights that come from the jacket are inviting to come raw.


Both her white thin belly waist in the stained sari are driving him crazy. His thoughts always clung to her as the cigarette ever went out.


No one was turning on the road for fear of the silent rain across the thick thicket.


Everyone was able to eat warm and lie down. Two approaching each other Tears touching each other The heat hidden in the camel coming out Somewhere the sound of lightning.


The two bodies became one  The heat coming from the body was exchanged there that night The two of them were less separated when the thunder rumbled somewhere again.


She adjusted her sari and lay down as if he had done something wrong and walked forward in the rain. The young woman who was looking at him as she left was packing the purse in her jacket and smiling.


She took the umbrella from the bag and walked briskly and disappeared. The unrecognizable light that had happened lit up when it came true. It is desolate.


I need two unknown teeth. One dark night has disappeared.

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