Hello, you have not replied since yesterday. Said Lucky, With the lily sitting on the bougainvillea, The long awaited hour has now come, When she arrived, Lilly sat down without saying anything.

“Then, tell me what happened?  How can I know if you do not tell me?” Said Lucky, Lily, however, nodded. Please tell, what s the story lucky enough to bend over and grab your legs….

Then smiled and said hey no come on, But you idiot, do you know why I’m angry? Ha why did got angry? come Lucky, My phone is out of balance.


AFFINITY 8 And why don’t you do it ..  Oh really you have to say na…


What can I tell you, Lily, when will you do it yourself?  He asked, “Okay, now, do you have anything to offer?”

Hmmm, let’s just say I’ve seen better. Lucky, that’s all I said in despair. OK that went to do balance. At six o’clock in the evening Lucky stood talking to his friends chit chatting.


They said, “What is Lilly saying?” Nothing re show will always says is to do balance ,turn around and do some shopping. What’s more, I have to pocket our money to balance it  Lucky said his pain..


Why suffer so much and endure it, get married then they asked him. If I get married to her we have to sell our assets to bare her. That’s its over action, said Lucky, and said he still loves it.

Someone said that all this is not true. To say that we have a lover, Except for turning the parrot to bathe, to have fun, It doesn’t matter, my dad had high hopes for me.


Everyone laughed out loud at Lucky ‘s words that his dad will kill when he knows all this…


Lily says the same conversations with her friends, says let’s just go back to somewhere, Takes him somewhere. Says he will do something.


And you have a friend who is very close to him If not here’s a new product just for you! Isn’t it best to catch someone like this and have fun? Asked him if he would marry again, No matter what the wedding, his father does not have much property.


Looking for a good property and getting married, He sees a man in a foreign country, so they have fun, If we ask at home, they will not give us that much money. It’s fun for both of them.


And it’s beautiful that your husband cheated, What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there?

They are good until everyone knows what they are, if they know that it is true that thieves read the world and my … ??????

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