Consciousness (Sad about Society) 5


How long will it take, sir? I asked the conductor, “Are you asking that?” This is the tenth time you have asked this question and how many times have you asked for it?

In a busy city, there is not much traffic today and it takes about two hours.

The conductor handed over the tickets and went to his seat and sat down.

I sighed loudly and stared out the window wondering why

I went to our aunt’s house in Hanmakonda and came back to Hyderabad

I went well though. But, this is how it came to be

Not even coming now but having an urgent meeting in the office had to come by accident like this.

If we do not depart from Hanumakonda, the express will not stop in small towns.

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. I could see all kinds of people and get a whole new experience.

While looking for a window seat that I like, I sit comfortably. Our aunt recently went and brought a fun bottle to drink.

Pinni said as if there was water. Otherwise, I was given 500 to go home to the auto and got drunk. I said OK.

Meanwhile the conductor blew the whistle as the bus was leaving. I say goodbye to my aunt, The bus moved. I kept watching until it disappeared.

I’m never met as a kid. That’s the big story pony so many days I was glad I remembered.

Sadly, I took my ticket and slept with my head on the window, not knowing how long it had been since the bus stopped screaming.

I was asleep and woke up as I moved forward. I looked around confusedly as we were somewhere in the middle of the jungle.



There seems to be no village around. A boy who noticed me not understanding what was going on changed the tire and left saying it would be late.

With that I looked out the window and saw that all the girls were going down and going through the trees thinking that the females had gone but no one got up from their seat.

I took the bottle of fun in my hand and drank it, thinking that the pony would go in another hour. The whole thing was emptied without me knowing as it was over mango fruit juice.

Meanwhile the tire change came and all the girls came and boarded the bus and the bus started. I fell asleep again as the cold wind came in thinking it was Hummayya.

But, I could not sleep because it is difficult to fall back asleep once I wake up. What to do next or gently sat watching everyone on the bus.

I sat listening to the words floating in the air. I want a new couple in the front seat. They are both very nice.

They are both charming. The girl laughs and listens if he says something. I put it aside to listen to what was being said but it was not heard at all.

They were talking so softly. I know a bit of lip reading. That made a little bit of sense but between the new couple I turned my gaze sideways at seeing different people from them wondering why.

The trees around were so cold It seemed to the villagers how lucky they were to be found so cold this summer.

The bus was on its way to the destination. I found fresh air in the concrete jungle where the migratory creatures came to live in my hometown.

The birds are going to their homes as if it were evening. Cattle are moving into homes as the heat cools. I looked around as the bus seemed to be entering the city.

Yes the bus has entered the city. Uppal crosses. Today there were rumors that someone had diverted the minister thinking he was coming.

But, meanwhile it has started that the bus is in the middle of the road around similar buses are giving cars bikes. Traffic jam.

How many people are coming from where even the roads are not enough Flyovers, trains are not even enough. No matter how many avenues there are, no matter how many facilities, no matter what people see in everything.

Where there are people there is no place for people to even set foot. There is no such thing as a place to sleep. The city itself hides even the tallest buildings, small houses and big ones with nothing.

But, the only flaw here is that these governments, which provide all facilities to all, have not provided us with any accommodation. Pony, if you want to land anywhere, you have to pay 55 rupees and fear that the ticket will be wasted again.

The fact of the matter is that I do not know buses other than the Nile office in Hyderabad so I did not leave it as this bus stop is close to our house where I did not get off. Pony bus goes into any bus stand if you want to see what it is there is not even going to the bus bus stop I did not see the bus stop where to go to the actual bus stop.

It was a district bus over the road so if there was no commotion Oh My God, would not have come to this. However, looking at it and noticing all the people in the city, I can forget the pain of my consciousness.

Such a developed city, beautiful city, beautiful city, big parks, museums for children, schools, playgrounds, hospitals, shopping malls, something like that because everyone wants it all. People from all over the state come and live in this city which has many such facilities

The fact that the city has proven that there are not only beautiful roads but also beautiful buildings or slums everywhere in this city, there are fast food centers, tiffin centers, drug stores for step men, belt shops, the government has set up one Sulab Complex for women only. If so how nice.

The employee who does the work today has to carry it on his stomach until he gets home every weekend when he goes to the factories. After traveling a distance of 10, 20 km, it is difficult to get into any facility or shopping complex on the way.

All these leaders who give speeches on equality for women and women’s empowerment even during the election meeting could not do this alone for women. Elections Then if this alone was done all women would be disgusted with them Many women die every year with similar troubles

That is not an exaggeration.

Where is the solution to this problem? Where is the development? Where is the women’s empowerment? Women’s equality. We need to talk to everyone about this issue.

I went into the bathroom without saying hello and got rid of my bloating. So far I have forgotten something in the bathroom and wanted to solve this problem. No one cares about the problem unless it’s limited to a lot of lectures like this.

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