Fatty Fat Girl 5



Wow what a toy, Dunlap is more for bedding, less for single cat The figure said the boy next door, Flirting with his friends Going from side to side.

Devi saw drowning in anger and saw a single glance angrily. Seeing that, what should we be afraid of at your sight, You look at your face once and your face in the mirror once Said his friend.


Devi went to her house crying. Father Parmesh looks at her and asked why are you crying Devi. As a concern, Dad that the guy next to our door is joking that I am fatty When Parmesh heard this, he rented my house and said angrily, “Will you vacate him now?” He went out angrily.

We will now eat three meals a day with the rent he gives us. If it is done, it will not be there, said the mother Parameswari. With that, both of them closed their mouths and went inside.

Ha empty Parameshwari went to fetch water saying that the words are crossing the forts but there is nothing to be done. Parameshwari, the only daughter of Paramesh, Devi, is a foolish man to say that Paramesh is very innocent The charm is correct, sadly God puts her house and husband in the grocery store and feeds them.

Being an only daughter has been very important since childhood Devi has become accustomed to eating food and has become a bit fat due to lack of exercise even if the food is good.

Although he looked good as a child, he is now looking to get married, but not a single relationship is falling apart because of that fat. Everyone thinks that she is not able to jump because of that fat Even if you are still fat, you will not become thin. This is the condition of the goddess till now.

Right now Amma Akale Andi Devi, Amma’s mother have already eaten a bowl of rice and still eat me. However, do you have a clear mind, if you sit and eat like this, you will still get fat, then how can you get married? The two of you will not come to your senses unless I die while feeding your father. If you do not have the common sense to find a job for your education, your father’s guarantee is crazy He is a good man so he has no intellect.

The devi who went into the room was not alone. Listening to songs on her phone, She jogged a little in her room and decided not to go out any longer. After that she went to her best friend named Sudha. Sudha, who had seen her friend for several days, asked what had happened devi?

Devi told Sudha all that had happened and suffered. Sudha consoled Devi and said, “If you sit like that, you will not get a job, you should try it.” After filling some applications, the two went on their cart saying that there is a vacancy in these offices and let’s give it all …

Everyone was amazed to see her certificates in the office there. The reason is that Devi came first in all and she showed her talent in most of them. Seeing all this, they looked at her and wondered if there was so much talent hidden in her who was so fat Look, you have a lot of talent.


We need your talent, so we are giving you this job, But if you come to the office and work, everyone will start talking about you and your fat. This reduces the working time and causes us loss… Tell me if you have any other option for this. With the saying that this job is yours, the joy of getting the job was missed in a bit for both of you.

Sudha says that we are giving the same sir and not giving it again. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either  Spend at least two hours a day talking about yourself so you don’t have to stay in the office and work. So you can not be appointed here, “Think about it and tell yourself how we are ready to do what you say,” he said.

Devi thought for a minute, “Sir, I work from home. I can stay at home and do whatever work you give me.” So you will not have any problem, I will send you all the work I have done in the mail. I will also prepare your company ads, but I need a job very much, sir. ”

Look Devi, your idea is good. We will give you a job. You show talent in work. As much as you need a job, we also need talented people, like you. We’re giving you this job so you can not give up, so show your talent “, She handed over the papers and signed the required papers.

He then told her in detail what to do. Devi reached for everything. When you come out happy with Sudha Devi, you have not used your education and intellect for so many days. Now it needs to be used. Use it well, Also bring a good name to your parents, she said.

Everything is fine but I have to lose fat and be thin which means I can’t stay at home and do it. So stay somewhere and try. Yes if we join in gym we can get thinner isn’t it? True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing.

If so, tell me if you know anyone, let’s talk about doing workouts at home, asked devi. Think about losing weight when you work in front of your mother and get a month’s salary, Now don’t think so. Go home comfortably and tell your guys about the job and eat as you like She left devi with them and went to her home ….

Devi, who told her parents about her job, looked at her mother with admiration. Her father, however, was small Leaping like a child, he celebrated that our girl has a job, our girl has a job. To Param eshwari Devi

Favorite sweet will do. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! Parame swari to it “What Goddess, am I angry that I am not cursing, mother, so why do you say no, what can I do?
I showed boredom on you, your dad tied me up.

Gentlemen, I am in a situation where I can  not say anything, so I showed that boredom on you said Parameswari. “” “Oh, mother, if it’s not me, you’m called someone else.Embrace. Goddess Parameswari melted into love. ”

So the days go by. Devi goes to Sudha s house  early in the day and works in her office from there.

If they do not go to the office for a job at home, they will think it is a lie. One day Devi came home and Amma told me to go to a different branch, to a different town Transferred. Told the mother to go. God damn how it goes, we’re with you too Said he would come.

How do you do all this cool stuff? After convincing her parents, Devi left for another city alone. Anna Devi and Sudha   told her perents  not to go ahead and they agreed. So for the first time Devi left her parents and went to another city under the name of transfer …

Devi sends her salary to her parents every month. Devi was talking on the phone. So the year went by. With the arrival of the daughter as the year went on, Parmesh became anxious on Devi and became thinner Avvasagadu. Seeing this, Parameswari called her daughter and said that her father was worried and asked her to seduce him. Andi Devi said that she will come. So three days have passed..

One day early in the morning, a taxi stopped in front of the house. A beautiful girl got out of a taxi. Parameswari  who was looking at her could not help but wonder how good the lightning wire was. Like this his daughter also thought how nice it was but in his mind, he went down and went to the girl who was looking around Avaramma asked who she wanted. People around are also watching the girl.

The girl Parameswari came forward and hugged her and said Amma I am Devi. Are you our Goddess, did our girl send me to play? If I find myself, our girl is cute and plump, you are like this. I mean do you think your girl should not be like that girl..

alas, Ledamma, is the mother happy? Parameswari looked at the girl and said, “Yes, Goddess, are you? How can this not change?” She was happy and told those around her loudly to look at our girl, our girl Devi.

Meanwhile, Sudha got out of the car and joked that Aunty would stand like this and suck in the house. A
Alas, she went inside and brought the horticulture, focused on the baby and took it inside. After everyone was sitting at home, how could you forget this?

The happy mother and mother looked at Sudha affectionately saying that the reason for that is our Sudha and Sudha K get all the credit .. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.Oops,I’m agood gym trainer I was close and strict when it came to food.

Not only that, he also wants to lose weight to become thinner Sudha says the real thing is that it is the cause ..

After  hearing  all the parents both our daughter with her perseverance, your cooperation with her fat nomatterwhat …

Reduced. That’s going to be us. Meanwhile, Devi brought her father’s sweet and put it in Devi’s note. Everyone laughed comfortably ….

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