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Radha, take some tea and it will cool down again. Behold, if you do not tell me what to do, I do not know what to do. Tell me a little about what you’re doing. Even more so

I’m going to take it to our collogues. I’m tied it for the kids. Anyway, here’s it

Oreo you got milk the bus got there. get started what are you waiting for? Boy Radha The children are going too.

What to do in the evening Let’s watch the first show movie and then eat at the hotel. You don’t need to get up early tomorrow Sunday. You can do enough together for a week. No matter the cost, it will always be there .. Yes

Anyway, if you want groceries, write down the list. Take off those clothes and take this rice and curry, they are not plankton, I just made it hot, okay ..

We will eat at the hotel at night. You do not have to come hot right now. It’s time for us to get dressed. Alas Radha just came. I was hit by petrol yesterday at work. Alas, are you late? I’m getting up a little late. I will wake up at the right time on Monday. I’ll come with you.

Come early in the evening I’m waiting outside I’m not even had time to call your brother to pick up the kids in the evening. Hey Abba Radha, look at this. Put it in a pink jade and it will still look beautiful.

Do you see where it is? If it’s next to you, steal it.

I like jasmine. Do you like jaggery? Do you like both? Did you forget to say yes?

I put curry rice in my stomach and it burns in my stomach. Here is a bottle of water. If you do not give it, it will be a pity. How much trouble do you have? The period is cozy

Tell me the truth, you will be beautiful in a sari. Well, I’m not going.



Shaking hands Radha sighed as cold water fell on her and opened her eyes Radha looked around and sat on the ground so quickly than other times, and it was not yet dark. The clock is crooked. The clock is showing 4:00.

How do you do all this cool stuff? How do you do all this cool stuff? How do you do all this cool stuff? How do you do that? How do you do that? How do you do that? How do you do that?

The blanket on the inside of the sweater put a monkey cap on his eyes and ears and woke him up to say all these things in the cold that touched his heart. Knowing that she was greedy, she did not understand the meaning of this hope.

Radha wipes her torn jacket with a scorpion. When she hears her husband calling her to see if she has anything left, she goes out in despair.

Hey guys, this story is actually a Telegu story, and you can read it by clicking the link below..


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