If It Comes To Him A Sin has come 7

If It Comes To Him

If It Comes To Him
If It Comes To Him

Madhavi told Lata on the phone, “Do you know that Prashanti has left her husband?” Yes, that’s why sin takes good care of it She left her only son to someone else who was good Anta inquired with Lata’s sister Madhavi, He brings all the salary and says that he will not give it to her, Or why does the property owner pay for it?

With this, she left him and approached his sister. Madhavi added some spice to what she knew and put it in Lata’s ear. However, it is time to leave her husband and decide what to do. However, the older sister does not have the wisdom to correct the child, but if left like this will they keep quite? Said on Prashanti, above Akka After saying all the missing pini chads for an hour I will still be there and both of them put down their phones …

The peace they were talking about was not their own sisters daughter, Sadly she married her uncle in her infancy Parents But he was fine for a few days after getting married, Began to show his true form. After enduring many days, Prashanti could no longer bear those sufferings, leaving him and returning to birth. Akka was worth talking about for a few hours like this about her daughter. For them, it has become a pastime.

A few days passed. Divorced by Prashanti With his bava, Continue studying and get a good job. Seeing this, the elder sisters came to Prashanti and spoke words of sympathy. Those who pretend to show pity, Prashant did not know everything but it was as if let’s see.  A few days passed like this. Knowing that Lata was in a relationship with his daughter, they all got married.

Very well spent and married. The aunt was very pompous, about her daughter’s mother-in-law, Lata Akka boasted about their habits. Even though they knew that Akka was insulting them by listening to all of them, they went away in silence.

If It Comes To Him
If It Comes To Him

Two years have passed. Lata’s daughter – in – law says they owe the whole house, Even the daughter’s husband did not study, He said the job, knowing that all his assets were lies, had worked as hard as Lata had a heart attack. Seeing all this the daughter left him and came to the parents saying that I could not be with her. Madhavi knew that they did not know what to do when they saw their daughter Kapuram walking.

Madhavi phoned to tell her sister about it.

If It Comes To Him

Sister says that did you hear that Latakka left her baby husband and sat at home, What a man to spend so much and make a wedding so grand. Over and over at that wedding they said their greats saying, You have been insulted by peace, as if they were a big man, They looked great.

It is said that they have a lot of property. Everything is gone now so everything should not fly away. However, it does not make sense to adjust to a daughter after marriage The truth is that it is bigger than me but it has no intellect, Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection Should be sent but will it be kept at home like this, said Madhavi on the phone…

When Prashanti hears the words being heard from the phone speaker, She lowered her head when she heard the words somewhere The water in the creeper’s eyes was watery. How he hurt his sister and sister-in-law in so many ways Creeper came to mind and she started crying…

Aunty Latha Aunty  is right here in Prashanti Phone I came yesterday to talk to said Madhavi  The phone was immediately cut off … Adults did not say that he did not know when he came but…

The fact that God sees you if you blame Ocker is proven once again …….

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