Is It True? 8

Is It True?

Is It True?
Is It True?


I woke up thinking that there would be a power outage on Monday and put all my clothes in the washing machine.

I bathed and put my clothes in it and prayed to God.

When the vegetables were dehydrated, I boiled the milk on the other side and chilled it for the children,
then made coffee for my Husband and put it in the ready-made box, put the curry id on the stove,
put the
Idly flour in the fridge, put the Idly cooker on one side and drank the chilled coffee in two cups,
remembering not to drink the coffee while the curry was on the other side.

The children called Mom when have just I made coconut grate chutney for Idly and chilled the rice and prepared the boxes.

Before they were ready and drinking milk, Husband chattered so that the towel was not visible and arranged everything for himself and fed the children with four Idly’s with chutney.

He sat on the sofa and waited for coffee as the late auto gave them two boxes and sent them away while listening to his horn noise

While the head is cracking with the tension of whether the bus is waiting at the bus stop or not.. I walked to the bus stop Fastly…

Is It True?

When I catches the bus I had a crazy feeling that I have achieved something in life.. 😂😂😂 

Then work in the office so that it does not let the boss chatter and smile happily

Maintaining it until the evening salary is received and the salary is pretty much like an elephant ride.

If we take it as it is and put it in their hands he will look at us with admiration and grin

He put a thousand rupees in my hand which was torn in his hand that night overflowing with laughter 🤷‍♂️

Glad to know that my bus fares were not for the salary increase but at least I got them

Seeing me change the date changed to seeing that yesterday was Women’s Day. I wondered whether Is it True??? 

Looking at my middle class life where I can do nothing but sigh loudly

Laughing and crying could not make sense The mind was overwhelmed with insane thoughts

I forcibly closed my eyes to comfort the broken one, inviting the Goddess of Sleep…



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