Holding you in my lap
Is it a dream for me
Feeling you in my hands
Is it a fantasy for me

It feels like a blessing
To have you in my life
It feels like am dreaming
To hold you with my hands

I want you the most
I love you the most
My lovely friend
I wish you the most

I can be moving
I can be fighting
Until you are with me
I can be Unstoppable

Giving up is not my way
Every problem comes in my way
We can deal with it together
As long we stay

Don’t want some money
Don’t want some palace
I just want you, my friend
Cuz I wanna live happily again

The nightmare was my past
Terrible can be my future
But if you are with me
Happiest is my present

I don’t pray for life being easy
Just being with you in my life
Is what I pray for

If you got away
I will be broken,
I will be lost,
I will give up,
That’s my 3 sentences at last

If someones ask,
What you will you do when you lose your dearest at last?
I will be broken,
I will be lost,
I will give up,
On my life at last…

Oh, will you too die a little child asked?
Patting his head with the loveliest smile
Dying doesn’t need to be of body
You will find me as a “Living dead” guy

– Crevis

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