Platinum jublee

Platinum jublee

Platinum jublee

Platinum jublee

Congratulations to all.

We know our India got

Independence on 15tAug.1947.

We are now celebrating

platinum jublee Independance day

on completion of 75 years.

The tricolor flag now unfurled,

designed by late. Sri.Pingali venkayya


Saffron for courage & sacrifice.

White for purity & truth.

Green for faith & fertility

and Asok chakra for cotinual

progress of country.

We hope that our India will

prosper like anything in all fields of

development and stands as no. 1

among developed countries & let us

become a part of it.


వందే మాతరం. ఏ అంతరాలు లేకుండా

కలిసి మెలిసి ఉందాం దేశాభివృద్ధిలో

పాలు పంచుకొందాం మన మందరం.

తరం తరం. నిరంతరం.

జై!బోలో!భారత్ మాతాకి జై!

– రమణ బొమ్మకంటి

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