Sphere of Confusion 3

Sphere of Confusion

Sphere of Confusion
Sphere of

The Hyderabad Jubilee Bus Stand is bustling with arriving and departing passengers. Climbers get off with luggage Nu with small children seemed to be in a rush even with those who go on day duties.


What I see on a daily basis is why today it looks even more new With my bus still to arrive I went to sit in the chair I had been sitting on  all day.   But there is another girl sitting in my place.


The girl is sadly dragging her legs Though I wondered how long Amo would go, I sat in another chair opposite her and started noticing everything. It’s weird to sit in a chair there all day and see all those who offer me coming in front of me.


I used to watch them tell their stories now. I had no idea what was going on behind me. While I was looking around the chair as if our backs were not visible to us ..


I looked at the girl sitting in that chair (as if it had not been brought from home by me) staring at someone. A young man was standing there staring at the girl.

Sphere of Confusion

My interest in her increased as he looked at her.  In such a hurry you looked at that girl to see how your gaze met in this confusion Otherwise the shape of the eyebrows is fine.


The glamorous story beaded hair height personality is also well.


Slowly I forgot to look back at that boy. I noticed them interrupting the paper with the possibility that they might be scared if they sniffed what I was looking at.


The boy in front of her also looked around and stared at the girl by correcting his hair style.  She changes her gaze and looks at the phone and smiles.


When he saw the phone, he gestured that he wanted his number but shook his head as if the girl could not give it.


Seeing this he put on an angry face and turned his back towards her. Less than two minutes later the boy nodded back at the girl again as she seemed a little softened. He nodded as she looked sorry.


Meanwhile someone sitting next to me stopped me because I had no work to do The man nodded as he looked at the headlines and give it back to me…


I sat down without saying anything and looked at the boy but he did not appear there.


The girl’s reaction was that she was looking for him with her eyes. He looked around for the boy and he smiled two minutes late.


The girl walked from the front and threw a piece of paper at her and walked forward laughing.  The girl took the paper and pushed it into her jacket.


I rolled my eyes so that no one would notice as i got on my bus i stood up carrying the bag and ready to go

I do not know what happened after that. I saw a love story in all its chaos I had the satisfaction of being. Glad I got a story to write I boarded the bus .

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