The pain of Separation 4

The pain of Separation


Lalitha asked Radhabai if she could put this fan on for a while.

Listening to those words and sitting there and looking at the maid with the sadness that the maid works only for money is satisfying to the mind. Never say so again.

Radhabai saw Daughter in Law, who made me a coddle and gave me a sense of purpose in life, giving me an identity in the community.

Meanwhile the groan of the post was from where it was known. The elegant face turned red. The cheeks glistened with blush in the eyes.

Radhabai sent Lalit on the run, took the letter left by the postman, ran inside with shame, closed the elegant door, took the letter and weighed it.

The heavier the letter, the greater the gap. laying on the bed touching it as well as his heart and looked at his heart with the feeling that there was something heavy on his heart where Rajesh’s eyes seemed to be smiling and turned to go away.

The north is looking at the sky. Rajesh took it from the top of his heart and put it in his palm with his hand. He remembered the finger and smiled unknowingly.

The letter to the movements that moved her as she smiled was lying on her stomach as if she was thin or not.

As the letter unfolded, Rajesh remembered the scene where he was taking off his clothes one by one.

Because no one reads the letter these days. Who reads the letter? What to say over the letter. What to say.

He was on leave for six months for the wedding and left a bundle of letters along with his luggage that was going to be vacated. Rajesh laughed and said that the marriage had just started for Abba Rani

Lalita, who remembers tying herself in her arms and suffocating, remembers the incident of her first night as Lalita unfolds the North while her husband’s pranks are being done. Unfolded.

Eyes running along the letters Priya Half of me carrying my responsibilities My half-hearted to say hello to you Thinking that you are smaller than me How are you My darling Cheeks, red cheeky cheeks Yes every time I see an apple here I want to remember your cheeks and bite,

Do you think that when you see me with apples, the sparks in your eyes are like your beautiful white flower with your small nose and red lips?

Did you know that you can drink milk in it? The deepest and most beautiful pelvis is the secret part of the creation that is the origin of mankind. The beautiful strong thighs are like betel leaves.

But Priya here is a moment I do not remember you, believe me, how much fun we spent the first night.



If you can not get over the despair and wander around, listening to the songs of my companions who are experiencing despair like me, here is the answer to the letter you wrote in the box assigned to you, and now you know that the time is long, not one and a half, not in the morning, all the enemies will attack at this time of night, all the danger Listening to the sounds of gunfire away with the suspicion of drowning.

I’m writing to you tonight to let you know my love for you and my country, but I’m sure you’ ll get my job if I’m working late, Priya, and how patriotic I am in my application, my love for you, my body for you It’s your duty to warn me in my trembling mind.

Lally, if we have a girl or a boy, let’s do the same. I know, What say?.

If you put your fingers in my hair, those moments are rare. I sincerely want those moments to come again. I swear on your beautiful blue irises that every word written in the letters will come true when I arrive.

Dear, with a thousand eyes waiting for your answer with a million kisses.

After reading it, Lalita’s husband, who was really blindfolded, seemed to be burning her body from the inside out, trying to control her body and mind.




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