You are my WORLD- Love you a Lot-143

You are my WORLD

You are my WORLD
You are my WORLD



Kiran looked at Arun and said, “What did you think?”

Arun Replied, Yes everything is ok but, I have no one.

And also said, We have to make our wedding ourselves, we have to wish ourselves, we have to give ourselves gifts.

“We have no relatives,” Arun said

Yes, I do know but, you are a friend of mine isn’t it? Why do you think we’ve here or when you think we’re not here? Why are you torturing me? You’re pushing me away.

Kiran said I was going, in anger to make him to accept.

Oh man, Dude I accept you are all my dearest friends.

But, you are my cousin but, now if you ask me I have no patience but I have no idea what to do. Please tell me something to say that there is no one else

Okay, you say so, so I’m not going to say it.

Are you saying that you are an orphan as well as your fiancé is also an orphan. So You won’t marry an Orphan? That’s what your intention is??

“Yes, that’s why I keep saying no,” said Arun

But hear a word, Replied Kiran.

Forming a family means marrying two people who are previously unknown to each other and having children

Now if that girl thinks the same as you do, how will the orphans in this whole world get married?

Now you have to do it or I can’t get my marriage on coming days… Just do it tomorrow. Said Kiran.

Closing his eyes and imagining, dude just stop your speech, said Arun, “Okay, I like it very much. I will marry her. That’s why I forgive your wish. Said Arun.

When Kiran heard what we he said, he got up and declared his happiness by jumping and running around the table.

The actual Matter is..

The two of them (Arun & Kiran)  are sitting in the office canteen. They are both orphans. They studied hard, got good jobs and are now in a good position.

Now both of them help each other in case of any problem and give advice for one another.

Now the Actual problem and Discussion Between them is,

Arun wants to marry a girl from a family but he is an orphan and Kiran advises him to marry someone who is not coming forward to have children.

But Arun did not like it and saw it in his mind in a family

This is the gist of the discussion that is going on between them now.

You are my WORLD

Kiran argues that if he gets married in the family, his aunt, uncle and brother-in-law will hope that everyone will be like this.

As Arun Accepted,

the two of them got married

As expected, Neeraja, Arun Got Married. Kiran handed over all the responsibilities to her.

In these two years they had two daughters named Lata, Geeta and they were all in the same family.

Kiran sinks with joy even though her friend is married within his hands.

Neeraja used to call Kiran with hounds of love to say goodbye and help with chores.

Later, Arun’s Friend Kiran Married to a good girl Named Girija. And his wife is also good so they all stay together in the same house.

The camel did not get better for a few days in this samsara which was going smoothly without any arrangements like this.

Kiran’s wife was doing all the work because Neeraj was not feeling well on the camel.

If Neeraja is upset by that, Girija sis don’t worry I am doing it only for our family

Because Girija is also the same so he understands in all ways but he has everyone

Everyone took everything he got and left him an orphan so Girija became an orphan no matter what

Difficulty pleasures love affections affections Dr. Gary was contacted as the man was showing his love

Neeraja feels so much towards the tribe that Girija thinks the gods are tribal

The couple consulted a doctor as Neeraj was not feeling well in the camel and he did not take any medication.

No matter how many drugs were used, no matter how strong the diet, it could not recover

With that, Arun was taken to another doctor, where the doctors did all the tests

Arun was devastated when he told me that it was cancer and that there was nothing that you had done so far that was too advanced to take home.

At once the house was dumbfounded, always full of laughter

You are my WORLD
You are my WORLD

No one dares to move anyone, but the tribe is forced to cook something for the children.

Neeraja has repeatedly prayed to God that he would take her in the middle of his life.

He repeatedly asked his bereaved wife not to turn away the mother of the children and not to turn off the lamp in her house.

But if God had heard their cry, the story would have been a happy ending.

But fate is said to be formidable as well as those who do not like God for the time being do not like to say anything to anyone one night because of the scripture written by that god

Arun was heartbroken when he saw it and left the cemetery crying

Both children are orphans without a mother The tribe now raises them carefully The days go by Everyone forgets a little

The children have joined the school but Arun is shrinking day by day

Now Arun stays in the office and goes straight to the cemetery and takes everything he likes and talks to her and chats.

Seeing this Kiran initially tried so hard to be manipulated but I loved it

When Arun said that, Kiran did not say anything anymore

I thought he did not want to get married I loved him so much after I got married I know everything I know I am not a guy but I can not live without my shadow Please do not stop me

So Arun’s visit to the tomb one day became his timetable and he came even closer

It was an Year. Neeraja’s 1st Death Anniversary is here. So, Girija & Kiran both of them were in her memory.

So, they Wanted to donate clothes and also Clothes to the poor people or beggar’s.

All arrangements were made and after all was ready everyone started calling and putting the kids in front and starting to do with them

Arun is so dull from the beginning. He walked to Girija’s Tomb.

Lata, Gita also walked with him as he took fruits and sweets to put on Neeraja’s grave and went to her grave.

Arun ignores Lata, Gita

Arun came out with all the grief he had been hiding from the year so crying.

You are my WORLD
You are my WORLD

Girija went to the tomb and sat there and started crying loudly at once remembering the many gossips he had spent with her.

Crying like that, he suddenly fell on the grave. The children saw it and called their father, but went away looking for the already weak heart

He laid down his life for his wife

Girija Kiran, who came behind them, saw it took Lata, Gita to them with love.

Neeraja Arun wishes peace to the holy love of the couple who stood as a testament to their immortal love

Ideal couples who decide not to find children for themselves to raise their children as their own




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